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The Triore platform is Triore's own treatment-based technology and is designed to have equal or greater efficacy in a small amount.
It can act on multiple targets and expand the scope of application. 

Oar 1 identifies cancer lesions and offers therapeutics that penetrate quickly.
Oar2 specifically targets cancer cells.
Oar3 rapidly induces cancer cell death.

Oar1 detects cancer lesions and allows drugs to be absorbed quickly.
Oar2 specifically targets cancer cells.
Oar3 quickly induces cancer cell death.  

The Triore platform targets cancer lesions sequentially and reaches cancer cells quickly and accurately.
It has improved safety because it has anti-cancer function only in cancer lesions.

The TriOar platform sequentially targets cancer lesions and quickly and accurately reaches tumor cells. 
Our platform activates an anti-cancer effect only at the target site to enhance drug safety.

The Triore platform is very scalable.
It can be applied to various action patterns (drug complex, immuno-cancer drug, etc.).
It can be applied to cancer and other disease groups (inflammatory, autoimmune, etc.). 

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